Don’t be Salty


Have you ever encountered an issue that caught you off guard and totally blindsided you? You are left feeling confused, bewildered,  and – if you’re like me – trying to wrap your mind around what just happened and what the next step is going to be. It could be any number of circumstances that you were not expecting: a job loss, the death of a loved one, a sudden illness, something happening to a close friend or family member, or just a change of plans.

In life we will encounter all kinds of situations which can range from minor irritations to major transformative events. We don’t like change and often were not expecting it. The question is how do we maintain a positive mindset during change so that we do not become salty?

I was having dinner with a colleague and that day at work had brought a sudden change in our training schedule. All during dinner my mind was preoccupied. I was still processing the day’s news and trying to figure out how my husband and I were going to deal with the fact that I would be away on business for most of the summer.

Finally, my friend had enough of my distraction and said “don’t be salty.” Needless to say, I was shocked by her statement and we had a good laugh. On my way back to the hotel I reflected on what she said and I had to admit she was right. I was being salty. My face, demeanor, and body language reflected my frustration.

She and I were both hired on the same day and we both had a lot to learn before our plant was in full operation. However, my friend Stephanie was proactive, accepted the change, and made the best plan for her and her family. Being away from them for most of the summer wasn’t going to be easy for her either. She taught me something about being flexible and adapting to change.

I later called and thanked her for being so honest and caring enough to say something about my “salty” attitude.

Jesus admonished His believers by telling them they are the salt of the earth. But, He warned that if you and I, as salt, lose our tastiness we are not good for anything (Matthew 5:13). 

Salt loses its flavor as a result of a chemical reaction to elements it is exposed to. Once it loses its flavor it is almost impossible to recover it.

As we go through life we all encounter difficulties and can gradually become negative and resistant to change. We become stuck in our ways and ideas. I’m not suggesting we walk around with fake smiles and pretend that everything is good all the time. However, when unexpected changes happen we can ask the Holy Spirit to help us adapt and accept the change so that we don’t become disgruntled and negative. We want to stay positive and bring hope to everyone around us regardless of the circumstances. This is what good salt does. It preserves and shields yourself and others. 

Can you be salt without being salty? You can when you season and spice up life for others. But when you and I have attitudes that are negative and salty, we defeat the purpose of why we are here What recent changes have left you feeling “salty”? I’d love to hear in the comment section below along with how you remain flexible and adaptable to change.