Meet Anna...

Hi! Welcome to Anna R Hernandez. I’m a Midwest girl, living in Texas following Jesus through some tough things that only He could bring me through. 

For many years my “day job” has been  working for Fortune 500 companies selling millions of dollars worth of products. As a wife and mother of an adult daughter, I know first-hand many of the daily challenges women face. 

My goal is to encourage you and share biblical insights into the stuff we all experience in an open and honest manner. 

Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps one of my stories will inspire you to pick up and find hope again.

Anna Will Partner with You

Drawing your guests closer to God and allowing Him to speak to their hearts is my priority. 

As a Business Leader and Bible Teacher, I understand the importance of preparation and partnering with you to help your event be impactful.

     My goal is to serve you and your team.   

     This is what I commit to do:

  1. Return your calls and emails quickly so that you and your team have all the information you need from me.
  2. Get to know you and your team. I want to come alongside you and help fulfill your God-given assignment. I want to understand your specific needs and what God has laid in your heart to accomplish through the event. I will be available for zoom planning calls, pre-event sessions and post-event recap.
  3. Seek God’s word for your event and be prepared to deliver a memorable talk. I am able to engage multi-generational, multi-ethnic groups and will tailor the message to meet your objectives.
  4. Promote your event through my network, media platforms with your prior authorization.